Cumulus Sinks: Where Design Meets Durability

Make it your own

Meganite's Cumulus sinks were designed with usability and aesthetics in mind. These undermount sinks are designed for installation with inconspicuous joins creating an uninterrupted surface. In addition to beautifully integrating with the benchtop design, they are incredibly hard wearing and bacteria, and scratch resistant. Their smooth, non-porous nature promotes a clean and hygienic environment, which limits mould and bacteria growth.

All sinks come with a chrome basket sink waste and overflow kit that comply with Australian Standards. The stocked range is available in Snow White.

Cumulus diagram 2


Sink Sizes

  • Cumulus 200: 200(W) x 400(L) x 176(D)
  • Cumulus 400: 400(W) x 400(L) x 176(D)
  • Cumulus 530: 530(W) x 400(L) x 176(D)
  • Cumulus 700: 700(W) x 400(L) x 176(D)

Why Meganite Cumulus Sinks are the perfect choice

Mix and Match!

Our Cumulus range varies in width, and stays consistent in length. This is meant to enable easy mixing and matching of sinks for your dream design.

Seamless integration

Easily integrated into a solid surface benchtop, the Cumulus range provide a smooth surface that improves both hygiene and the overall aesthetic.


All Cumulus sinks are non-porous and 100% water resistant. When installed into a Meganite benchtop the inconspicuous joins create an uninterrupted surface that prevents germs, bacteria, and pathogens from penetrating and spreading. Ideal options for commercial, education, and health care settings where hygiene is critical.

Easy to clean

When correctly installed, our Cumulus sinks are quick to clean as there are no areas for food and grime to hide. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and detergent.


The biggest benefit to our Cumulus sink range is their long wearing scratch resistance. Scratches and scuff marks can easily be repaired by a fabricator without the need to replace the sink or bench. Always make sure your Meganite products are installed and repaired by an experienced fabricator. 

Want to customise your sink?

Perhaps you have a different shape or colour in mind. In addition to the range we stock in Australia, Meganite has also created this range. You can also choose an entirely custom sink from our colour range. All custom options do have MOQs and lead times that apply. Have a chat with your rep or fabricator to learn more.