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Exclusive Australian Range

Our range of specialty colours and textures have been designed for Australian interior spaces.

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AcryMed 033Z 300px
AcryMed MediWhite


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Snow White 033A 300px
Snow White


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Bright White 001A 300px
Bright White


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Ivory 072A 300px


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Starry Night 531SA 300px
Starry White


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White Glow 094A 300px
White Glow


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Ice Storm 721SA 300px
Ice Storm


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MtCarrara M07 300px
Mt Carrara


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MtCremo Carrarra M09 300px
Mt Cremo Carrara


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Cotton Boulder 846A 300px
Cotton Boulder


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Verano White M040 300px
Verano White


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Blanca Granite 701A 300px
Blanca Granite


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Polar Mist 290A 300px
Polar Mist


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Antarctica DC103 300px


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Rice Pudding 905A 300px
Rice Pudding


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Soft White 005A 300px
Soft White


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Modern Concrete M024 300px
Modern Concrete


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Antique Shell M031 300px
Antique Shell


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Winter Boulder 800A 300px
Winter Boulder


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Storm Cloud M032 300px
Storm Cloud


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Sandy Shore 246A 300px
Sandy Shore


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MtGrigio M020 300px
Mt Grigio


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TuffStone DC101 300px


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Urban Habitat 704SA 300px
Urban Habitat


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Salmon Terrazzo 859A 300px
Salmon Terrazzo


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Sage Terrazzo 860A 300px
Sage Terrazzo


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Sapphire Terrazzo 861A 300px
Sapphire Terrazzo


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Platinum Granite 615A 300px
Platinum Granite


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Shadow Concrete M021 300px
Shadow Concrete


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Cinder Concrete 302A 300px
Cinder Concrete


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Taupe Concrete M022 300px
Taupe Concrete


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Charcoal Concrete M023 300px
Charcoal Concrete


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Solar Eclipse 933SA 300px
Solar Eclipse


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Dark Raven Boulder 810X 300px
Dark Raven Boulder


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MtVancouver M002 300px
Mt Vancouver


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Dark Jet Black 019x 300px
Dark Jet Black


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Dark Starry Starry Night 508XS 300px
Dark Starry Night


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Fire 088A 300px


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Tangerine 077A 300px


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Sunshine 079A 300px


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Lime 060A 300px


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Kauai Beach 428A 300px
Kauai Beach


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X Series

Featuring advanced technology, the X Series causes scratches to be darker and less visible compared to standard dark colors.

This color has inherent reflective properties which needs to be considered during the specification, design and fabrication processes to allow best results.

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An advanced antimicrobial material for high hygiene demand spaces.

AcryMed offers integrated hygienic surface protection with a significant impact that works effectively against bacteria.

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Snow White Options

In addition to the standard sheet size (3660x760x12mm), Snow White comes in the options below:

  • 2490 x 760 x 6mm
  • 2440 x 915 x 6mm
  • 3660 x 1320 x 12mm
  • 3050 x 760 x 19mm

Mt. Carrara Options

In addition to the standard sheet size (3660x760x12mm), Mt. Carrara comes in the options below:

  • 3660 x 930 x 12mm
  • 3660 x 1220 x 12mm
  • 3660 x 760 x 20mm
Image SKU Colour
Snow White 033A 300px 033A Snow White
Bright White 001A 300px 001A Bright White
Ivory 072A 300px 072A Ivory
Soft White 005A 300px 005A Soft White
White Glow 094A 300px 094A White Glow
Dark Jet Black 019x 300px 019X Dark Jet Black
Fire 088A 300px 088A Fire
Lime 060A 300px 060A Lime
Sunshine 079A 300px 079A Sunshine
Tangerine 077A 300px 077A Tangerine
Antique Shell M031 300px M031 Antique Shell
Charcoal Concrete M023 300px M023 Charcoal Concrete
Cinder Concrete 302A 300px 302A Cinder Concrete
Modern Concrete M024 300px M024 Modern Concrete
Shadow Concrete M021 300px M021 Shadow Concrete
Storm Cloud M032 300px M032 Storm Cloud
Taupe Concrete M022 300px M022 Taupe Concrete
MtCarrara M07 300px M007 Mt Carrara
MtCremo Carrarra M09 300px M009 Mt Cremo Carrara
MtGrigio M020 300px M020 Mt Grigio
MtVancouver M002 300px M002 Mt Vancouver
Verano White M040 300px M040 Verano White
Antarctica DC103 300px DC103 Antarctica
Blanca Granite 701A 300px 701A Blanca Granite
Cotton Boulder 846A 300px 846A Cotton Boulder
Dark Raven Boulder 810X 300px 810X Dark Raven Boulder
Dark Starry Starry Night 508XS 300px 508XS Dark Starry Night
Ice Storm 721SA 300px 721SA Ice Storm
Kauai Beach 428A 300px 428A Kauai Beach
Platinum Granite 615A 300px 615A Platinum Granite
Polar Mist 290A 300px 290A Polar Mist
Rice Pudding 905A 300px 905A Rice Pudding
Sandy Shore 246A 300px 246A Sandy Shore
Solar Eclipse 933SA 300px 933SA Solar Eclipse
Starry Night 531SA 300px 531SA Starry White
TuffStone DC101 300px DC101 Tuffstone
Urban Habitat 704SA 300px 704SA Urban Habitat
Winter Boulder 800A 300px 800A Winter Boulder
Bone-003A-300px.jpg 003A Bone
AcryMed 033Z 300px 033Z AcryMed MediWhite
Dark-Jet-Black-019X-300px.jpg 019A Jet Black
Slate-040A-300px.jpg 040A Slate
Lemon-Glow-053A-300px.jpg 053A Lemon Glow
Grey-056A-300px.jpg 056A Grey
Alaska-White-081A-300px.jpg 081A Alaska White
Pewter-093A-300px.jpg 093A Pewter
Silver-Mist-219AR-300px.jpg 219AR Silver Mist
Wheat-Mist-266AR-300px.jpg 266AR Wheat Mist
Galaxy-Mist-311A-300px.jpg 311A Galaxy Mist
Canvas-Mist-312AR-300px.jpg 312AR Canvas Mist
Papyrus-Mist-349A-300px.jpg 349A Papyrus Mist
Morocco-Mist-373AR-300px.jpg 373AR Morocco Mist
Summer-Beach-426A-300px.jpg 426A Summer Beach
San-Rafael-Stone-501A-300px.jpg 501A San Rafael Stone
Starry-Starry-Night-508SA-300px.jpg 508SA Starry Starry Night
Rain-Cloud-519SA-300px.jpg 519SA Rain Cloud
Smokey-Mountain-520A-300px.jpg 520A Smokey Mountain
Rye-Granite-627AR-300px.jpg 627AR Rye Granite
Antique-White-Granite-630A-300px.jpg 630A Antique White Granite
Moonstone-Granite-674A-300px.jpg 674A Moonstone Granite
Allspice-Granite-685A-300px.jpg 685A Allspice Granite
Snow-Owl-703SA-300px.jpg 703SA Snow Owl
Rocky-Road-Granite-729AR-300px.jpg 729AR Rocky Road Granite
Indigo-Granite-736A-300px.jpg 736A Indigo Granite
Yorkshire-Tan-Granite-757A-300px.jpg 757A Yorkshire Tan Granite
White-Mosaic-Granite-775A-300px.jpg 775A White Mosaic Granite
Shangri-La-Boulder-802A-300px.jpg 802A Shangri-La Boulder
Raven-Boulder-810AR-300px.jpg 810AR Raven Boulder
South-Beach-Boulder-811A-300px.jpg 811A South Beach Boulder
White Crystal Boulder 813A 300px 813A White Crystal Boulder
Goldrush-Gemstone-819SAR-300px.jpg 819SAR Goldrush Gemstone
Olive-Branch-833A-300px.jpg 833A Olive Branch
MtJade-M005-300px.jpg M005 Mt. Jade
Salmon Terrazzo 859A 300px 859A Salmon Terrazzo
Sage Terrazzo 860A 300px 860A Sage Terrazzo
Sapphire Terrazzo 861A 300px 861A Sapphire Terrazzo
Aspen Granite 780A 780A Aspen Granite

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