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Taupe Concrete M022 300px

Taupe Concrete

Dark Starry Starry Night 508XS 300px

Dark Starry Night

MtCarrara M07 300px

Mt Carrara

Rethink the possibilities

Create innovative interiors without the limitations of traditional materials.

MtCarrara M07 300px

Mt Carrara

Exclusive Australian range

Colours and patterns designed for Australian interior spaces including a new terrazzo collection.

Storm Cloud M032 300px

Storm Cloud

A comprehensive Acrylic Solid Surface solution

Complete with sinks, basins and accessories.

MtCremo Carrarra M09 300px

Mt Cremo Carrara

Customise to suit any space

meganite commercial counter cladding M21


Seamless concrete textures and veined marble-look patterns without the need for sealing.

meganite retail store product display stand M007


Beautiful and practical for high use environments with less noticeable scratches and repairable surfaces.

meganite marble look coffee table M002


Create numerous beautiful surfaces in every room with less maintenance and better durability.

meganite office fitout design


Thermoform to any shape with anything from sharp corners to soft curves, all with inconspicuous joins.

meganite acrylic solid surface benchtops sinks


Available with AcryMed antimicrobial protection that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria for high hygiene demand spaces.

meganite education bathrooms toilet washroom 079A


Design super durable and healthy educational spaces that don't absorb spills or food odours.


meganite granite thermoform countertop


Soft and serene or bold and eye-catching, this diverse range is versatile enough to suit any space.

Blanca Granite 701A 300px
Blanca Granite
Cotton Boulder 846A 300px
Cotton Boulder
Dark Raven Boulder 810X 300px
Dark Raven Boulder
Dark Starry Starry Night 508XS 300px
Dark Starry Night
Ice Storm 721SA 300px
Ice Storm
Kauai Beach 428A 300px
Kauai Beach
meganite marble seamless join island bench


Sophisticated, free-flowing and luxurious with the ability to lift any interior into an elegant and classic space.

MtCarrara M07 300px
Mt Carrara
MtCremo Carrarra M09 300px
Mt Cremo Carrara
MtVancouver M002 300px
Mt Vancouver
Verano White M040 300px
Verano White
Mt Jade
meganite concrete modern lobby desk design M23


Stunning warm patterns for waterfall edge benchtops and modern backdrops that hold space with a subtle beauty.

Antique Shell M031 300px
Antique Shell
Charcoal Concrete M023 300px
Charcoal Concrete
Cinder Concrete 302A 300px
Cinder Concrete
Modern Concrete M024 300px
Modern Concrete
Shadow Concrete M021 300px
Shadow Concrete
Storm Cloud M032 300px
Storm Cloud

Bright & Bold

A dramatic and rich colour range for making a statement or injecting fun into your next project.

meganite bright durable educational spaces 062A M007
Dark Jet Black 019x 300px
Dark Jet Black
Fire 088A 300px
Lime 060A 300px
Sunshine 079A 300px
Tangerine 077A 300px


Clean and classic with the versatility to brighten any space from contemporary bathrooms to crisp office fit-outs and everything in between.

meganite whites light bathroom inspiration
Snow White 033A 300px
Snow White
Bright White 001A 300px
Bright White
Ivory 072A 300px
White Glow 094A 300px
White Glow

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