Meganite in the ForestOne Head Office

Creating beautiful and versatile spaces with Meganite

When rebranding almost a year ago, we knew the changes went far beyond surface level. They included new product ranges, advanced brand partnerships, and new ways of conducting business to benefit our industry. Our new head office is a part of this growth journey, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

From an empty industrial shell to a sustainable and functional space, the team behind this office has created something truly special. Read on about Meganite in the ForestOne Head Office and what we were able to build given its unique advantages.

 Meganite island bench in ForestOne office

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the heart of the ForestOne office. The space had to be appropriate for both a showroom and a working office kitchen.

The kitchen needs to serve the entire head office staff, but it also needs to be a place to entertain and welcome. 115 square meters were put aside which allowed for an extra large bench and island. Mt Carrara was chosen for all bench surfaces.  


Island bench

Mt Carrara island benchtop with curve end

Thanks to Mt Carrara’s extended sheet size range we were able to use three sheets of the 3660 x 1220 x 12mm to make the extra large island. To create a thicker effect, the edges were built up to be 45mm by using 33mm particleboard underneath and more Mt Carrara inconspicuously joined to the top pieces. This method can be used to create built-up edges to any thickness and was also used in our bathrooms.

The larger sheet sizes were ideal for our extra large island as they were able to provide us with the least amount of joins possible for that length. However difficult we knew the veined pattern of Mt Carrara would be to fabricate to mimic one piece of marble, we knew it was a perfect demonstration of Meganite's possibilities. 

The curved end of the island bench also highlights an option only available because of Meganite's unique properties. The curve was created through thermoforming; a process of heating and then shaping acrylic solid surface.


Kitchen bench

The fabricators at Individual Design and Construction created a kitchen bench that continuously curves into a stunning splashback. Not only is this a lovely design element, the coved finish means no grout and simplified cleaning.



The Bathrooms

Meganite Sage Terrazzo vanity and Snow White BasinsContinuing with the green colour scheme used throughout the office, we opted for Sage Terrazzo Meganite for the vanities in both the male and female bathrooms. It was the obvious choice as the colour range was designed in-house along with the Salmon and Sapphire Terrazzos.

Similar to our kitchen bench, a 3660 x 760 x 12mm sheet was used and had a built-up 45mm edge for more of a statement finish.

Meganite Zircon basins were used in both bathrooms. Each benchtop has been fitted with two basins and two paper towel disposal cut-outs.




The Meeting Room

Salmon Terrazzo Meganite meeting table

Accessible through the ForestOne showroom is our Casual Meeting Room. This space was designed for sharing and to spark inspiration. Maintaining the theme of functional beauty; while the wall linings elevate the design, they also cut noise pollution.

The versatility of Meganite is what sets it apart from other materials. Through half a 3660 x 760 x 12mm sheet of Salmon Terrazzo, a stylish yet functional meeting room table was created. The durability proven throughout the years by Meganite makes them a fantastic option for meeting, dining, coffee, and side tables.

If you'd like to read on about the office and other products used, check out the case study.