The Snow White Range

The most popular colour in all its forms.

Snow White Meganite is, by far, the most installed colour of the Meganite range. Each Acrylic Solid Surface offering on the market has a main white colour that dominates demand and is the perfect white - not too bright, not too blue, not too yellow. Due to Meganite's hygienic and durable properties, the product returns to a spotless clean that makes the timeless colour choice of Snow White an obvious one.


Increased Range Options

The traditional sheet size of Meganite is 3660 x 760mm and 12mm thick. Because Snow White is so popular, we have chosen to stock additional options that should make life a little easier for designs that push beyond the traditional. 


Thinner Options

  • 2490 x 760 x 6mm
  • 2440 x 915 x 6mm

Standard Thickness

  • 3660 x 760 x 12mm
  • 3660 x 1320 x 12mm

Thickest Option

  • 3050 x 760 x 19mm

 Snow White Flex

The Snow White capabilities continue from there.

There are two additional range options in Snow White, detailed out below:

  • Snow White Flex - 3660 x 760 x 12mm
  • Snow White AcryMed - 3660 x 760 x 12mm

The Flex option is able to be thermoformed to an even tighter curved radius. Find out the possibilities here.

The AcryMed range is impregnated with extra protection against bacteria. Visit here for more. 

Have a chat with your rep to see which solution works best for you.