Meganite's 2021 Range Update

Our exclusive Meganite® range is set for its first update since it was launched in Australia last year! Available this August, you can get your hands on the brand new decors and experience them in detail with our new, larger sample sizes. Committed to being an industry leader, we've been busy researching new trends and developing new colours to better meet the needs of Australian architects, designers and fabricators. Drawing both inspiration and guidance from international and local sources, we are expanding the Meganite® range with 6 new decors, including solid greys, an expansion of the Movement and Terrazzo series  - we know you’re going to love them!

Inspired by Australian style

padded urban2

Our inspiration for the release of Cloud Ash and Light Grey came from you, our customers. After the development of 2 custom greys for a couple of local projects receiving such good feedback from our customers and the public, releasing them nationally was only a matter of time.

Global inspiration 

Prepare to be bold with the extraordinary aesthetic potential and unprecedented versatility that comes with our new collection of Terrazzo and Movement decors. Our new Terrazzos provide a touch of authenticity to the current range, while our Movement Series decors provide more variety to our already striking range of delicately veined natural stone. By drawing on international traditions and current trends, these new decors will add an air of elegance to any room.

Experience the difference

During this year's refresh we will be redesigning all sample boxes as a way of including our 6 new decors and illustrating the tonal beauty of our the range. To order a new sample box or have your existing box updated with the new samples and design, please contact your local Area Manager.