The Meganite Movement Series

Movement Series: Flowing Veins for Serenity and Beauty

More than just a colour range, the Movement Series by Meganite has been carefully chosen to improve your mood, and provide a sense of relaxation and serenity. With design in the forefront of every decision, you can now remove the limitations you would face with traditional materials such as stone. 


Embodying the rough and strong look of concrete, these colours maintain a subtle beauty which celebrates the fundamentals of good design: powerful aesthetics and bountiful possibilities for all spaces. Presented through different shades of grey ranging from gentle and warm grey to dramatic and dusky near-black tones. Monochromatic veins and fine particles breathe across the surface, creating a lavish and energetic look with a refined touch. View our concrete range here.


Design inspired by luxurious natural stone, this innovative marble collection is elevated above other colours due to their diverse aesthetic appeal. Highlighted by distinct veining running through each slab our marble collection offers a sophisticated look that makes them a timeless choice.


Four of our favourites:

Mt Carrara

The essence of European modern classic, Mt. Carrara encapsulates high fashion furniture and interior design. Always timeless, Mt. Carrara is the perfect touch to any room. Due to instant demand, we have introduced larger sheet sizes which you can view here

Mt Carrara swatch and bench


Mt Cremo Carrara

Soft free-flowing yet consistent veins on a saturated white background create a warm yet chic finish. Mt Cremo Carrara's deep subtle brown veins breathing across the surface makes any space exceptional.

Mt Cremo Carrara swatch and basin


Antique Shell 

With an off-white base, Antique Shell mixes delicate copper and brass veins with greyish particles to create a calm, serene, and timeless effect.

Antique shell swatch and basin


Modern Concrete

Modern Concrete is designed to suit a background of understated power. Ivory colour gently flows through the strong aesthetic to form a design which stands proud in any application. Today's concrete feeling, for today's design.modern concrete swatch and sink


To view the rest of the Movement Series and our exclusive Australian range head over to our Colour Range page.