The Expanded Mt Carrara Range

The movement series best seller expands to new heights

The colour Mt Carrara, from the movement series by Meganite, is one of the most realistic "marble look" solid surface options on the market. The soft, free-flowing yet consistent veins on a white background encapsulates high fashion; perfect for furniture and interior design. Along with the standard benefits of solid surface, we have added the larger sheet sizes for even easier fabrication to ensure our customers are able to create "marble" surfaces with effortless beauty.

 Mt Carrara Counter Cladding

Size options

Traditionally a sheet of Meganite is 3660 x 760mm and 12mm thick. After immediate demand for the Mt Carrara colour, we have added three more sheet sizes to our stocked range.



    • 3660 x 930 x 12mm
    • 3660 x 1220 x 12mm
    • 3660 x 760 x 20mm

The Benefits

The larger sized sheets allow for you to create both wider and longer sized benches without as many joins. The typical 760mm sheet size is perfect for your standard kitchen bench. That size is typically too narrow for an island, oversized bench, or for more custom designs. By offering a larger sheet size range, we have removed limitations on larger and more extraordinary designs.

Due to the pattern of the Mt Carrara range, the best benefit of using fewer sheets is designing and shaping the bench without as much concern for the marble vein consistency. Although Meganite can be beautifully fabricated to have the most inconspicuous joins, the larger sheet size removes an extra layer of hassle and labour.

And with the thicker sheet size, suddenly beautiful statement benches can be created without thermoforming or extra joining. Create whatever edge best suits the design without concern of pattern or expensive and difficult fabrication. 


Mt Carrara splashback


  • Wider benchtops and island benches: reduced labour and expense
  • Splashbacks: create a smooth and consistent piece without any joins or adhesive
  • Wall cladding: fewer joins and vein consistency issues
  • Any application where wide sheets would be of benefit


Speak to your area manager about availability and what would best suit your next project. Or contact our Customer Service team on 1300 088 066 and And remember to share photos of your work with us! We love to see the creativity and craftsmanship that transform sheets into functional art.