Why Choose Solid Surface To Achieve A Marble Look?

Let's take a look at the alternatives.

Natural Stone is porous and therefore less hygienic. It is easily stained and hard to clean, as well as being heavy to transport and difficult to repair when cracked.

Quartz can develop hairline cracks that require thorough professional repair help or a complete replacement—both expensive options. If furniture is being displayed in a high traffic area, the possibility of a crack appearing is very high. Furniture which uses quartz would also be too heavy to move around, and come at a high cost. Quartz cannot be thermoformed and cannot be seamlessly integrated with wood, with the joint area trapping dust and bacteria, making it difficult to clean and maintain.

Meganite is non-porous, making it more resistant to bacteria and mold growth. As a thermoformable material, it can be seamlessly fitted with the hand-crafted wood. The invisible joints cannot be affected by dust or dirt build-up.

Meganite is a much more lightweight material than quartz or natural stone, making it easy to install and transport.

It is very durable, with any minor scratches that occur from natural day to day use being easy to repair.

As a result of all of these advantages, Meganite solid surface is the perfect solution to achieving a marble-look in custom handcrafted furniture.