Design Trends: Fluting

Sydney NCR building by Gray PuksandModern designs have been evolving towards sleek and minimal, with designers inserting their creative flair into textures, colours, and playing with dimension. Throughout the years we've seen the art of fluting transform to keep up with the trends. Now resurging throughout residential and commercial projects, fluting brings life to the modern clean design. The appeal of fluting is obvious; a subtle feature that packs an impressive punch.

The architectural practice of fluting has been around for millennia or more. The latest take on fluting has broken out of its historic bonds and moved into the world of aesthetics. With a splash of colour or varying texture, fluting creates such a great supporting feature on benches and islands, furniture, walls, and even glass. The art of fluting creates such a large array of design possibilities, through various textures fluted furniture adds an exciting element to any space it’s used in. 

Zou Build: Fluted Meganite Project 

Christal, Zou Build's Interior & Design Consultant, spoke with us about their upcoming project utilising fluted Meganite. They were drawn to Meganite for its flexibility in design and added durability, while keeping aesthetic characteristics you would expect from marble. 

At this stage, we are looking at using fluted Meganite for our vanities and possibly as another feature piece in the house, such as an entertainment unit or even the kitchen. After seeing Meganite's ability to be thermoformed into unique designs, we realised it is the perfect material for fluting. And since we knew we wanted marble, Meganite's selection of over 20 stone decors made our decision to use Meganite that much easier. Meganite offers such exciting possibilities to a design and we're really excited to demonstrate them in different ways! - Christal

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Creating Custom Designs

Taking the Australian market by storm with a wide variety of on-trend decors, Meganite provides endless design possibilities. For more information about how to utilise Meganite or how to create a custom design, contact your local rep through our contact us page.