Specifying Healthier Buildings: A White Paper Release

AcryMed is the answer for an increasing problem facing commercial design.

In a recently released White Paper, the Architecture and Design team looked into the importance of Antimicrobial surfaces, particularly in commercial design. The paper commences with a highlight on the AcryMed range, given its ideal properties to address the concerns raised in the paper.

AcryMed White Paper cover

The dangers of high use areas have only been exemplified recently in the news but this paper works to highlight solutions and options, rather than increase fear. As we enter a new age of building considerations, having the highest level of protection possible on high use surfaces is more beneficial than ever.


AcryMed White Paper inside

Read on about the industry and the health risks most important to address.

You can follow the link here to the Architecture and Design website, or you can email us for a copy of the White Paper. We also wrote on our blog previously about the AcryMed range and the bacteria it protects best against.

 Stay safe and healthy!