X Series: Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

Dark benchtops are a dramatic statement that are often desired but not chosen.

The reason is because dark benchtops install beautifully, but show wear quickly. Typically dark benchtops mark easily, with scratches, water marks, and staining. When using an Acrylic Solid Surface, most of these issues are resolved by the superior qualities of the product range.

Durable, easy to clean, and non-porous, Acrylic Solid Surface answers many dark benchtop concerns right away.

But Meganite is never content with good enough, so the company developed a technology to further improve the experience with their dark colours. The X Series was born - a more heavily pigmented colour that reduces the visibility of scratches. Meganite took a box cutter to both an X Series colour and to a standard colour to show you exactly what this means.


In our Australian range, you'll note all of the darkest colours we stock are X Series colours. We made that decision because the X Series colours are far superior and more durable, giving the consumer a dramatically better experience. But best of all, the price difference was small enough that the whole decision process was a no brainer.

 Other Acrylic Solid Surface
 Other Acrylic Solid Surface
Meganite X Series
Meganite Dark Jet Black


Visit our technical page to read more information about fabricating the X Series, or request samples to see it for yourself.